Wednesday, January 06, 2021

C-SPAN and chill

There was an an attempted Putsch in Washington and all I got was this lousy lectern.


In her closing hours as a senator, Kelly Loeffler changed her mind about the Hawley sedition.

Rand Paul also opposed, on the grounds of states' rights.

Chuck Schumer was the first to invoke the previous Day of Infamy, December 7, 1941.

Ben Sasse thinks we should bake a pie and take it to that neighbor with the Trump sign on his lawn, the Confederate flag on his truck and the MAGA hat on his dog.  Call first so he doesn't shoot through the front door.  Be safe, OK?

Josh Hawley is against violence.  How could it have happened?  Big mystery.  Also, he says "irregardless."  In Missouri it's a perfectly cromulent word.

Kevin "Big Part of the Problem" McCarthy opened with a shout-out to the Capitol police, who didn't exactly distinguish themselves, and is running through his favorite platitudes.  Trying to equate today's riot with the George Floyd protests.  Useless sack.

Ilhan Omar isn't scheduled to speak.  She's busy drawing up articles of impeachment.

Greg Stanton (AZ) finally pronounces the words "treason" and "sedition."

Great article here by Garrett Epps.  Basically, "fuck your 'better angels.'"

Mo Brooks going full madman.  Finally a seditious shit who doesn't beat around the bush.  Own it, Mo!

Getting bitch-slapped by Thomas Reed (R-NY).  He's so mad his mask is falling off.

Many invocations of Lincoln, Churchill, Jefferson.  What, no Jeff Davis?

Ted Fucking Cruz.  Go home to Canada.  Rob Ford is dead, they have an opening for an asshole.

There were Putschleiner (sorry if that's bad German) in at least fifteen state capitals today, with some elected officials being whisked off to undisclosed locations.  It's hard to get more information with everyone focused on DC.  No clue what's going on in the Persian Gulf, much less the rest of earth.  No idea if a giant flaming asteroid with frickin' lasers is headed this way.  I can't wait for this to end.  Maybe then we can finally sort out the whole Tanya Roberts controversy.  How hard can it be to figure out if she's alive or dead?

Guess who tweeted "We love you, you're very special" at the rioters.  Oh, you guessed.  But did you see this coming:  Twitter locked his account for twelve hours for "repeated and severe" violations of policies about fomenting violence; if he does it again they might shut him down for good.  Facebook followed suit.  That's why it's been so quiet tonight.  "Remember this day forever!" Trump signed off.  Count on it, you treasonous degenerate.

Tiffany Trump decided to lighten the mood by ignoring the unprecedented violence and tweeting birthday wishes to her brother Eric.  In other words, it was already a day of infamy.

The most charitable way to explain the non-response of the LEOs at the Capitol:  They didn't want to "militarize" and create a scene reminiscent of Tiananmen Square, making martyrs of these numpties.  Of course regimes like China and North Korea will use the video as is to show their people why democracy is double-plus ungood; they won't have to doctor it much.  So all the restraint will only encourage the Profas and increase anger in people who are routinely brutalized by police while driving, jogging, shopping, walking, or just being.  

Jim Mattis signed the round robin with the other Secretaries of Defense, but he wasn't through; today he added that Trump will be left "a man without a country."   But when?

The Senate has voted to let Arizona be Arizona.  Now they're on to Pennsylvania.  It's going to be a long night.  


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