Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The line-up

The time is 5:24.  Look forward to a full night of white men telling you what is wrong with Kamala Harris.

No one will have time to ask Susan Collins about her decision to blame Jews and their money for her fading re-election campaign.

No one beyond the sports channels will discuss the vicious idiocy of Trump, Pence, Sasse and others in demanding that young men risk their lives to play minor-league football during a pandemic which has killed 162,000 Americans.

No one will ask Madison Cawthorn, North Carolina Republican Congressional candidate, why he chose to share his vacation photos of Hitler's vacation home in Bavaria.  Or why the hell the trip was on his "bucket list" in the first place.

No one will discuss the thousands of Americans who are shedding their citizenship in record numbers.

Nobody will even chuckle at how Trump thinks the "1917" flu "ended the Second World War."  They will just add it to all the others, and some of them will call Biden "gaffe-prone."

Nor will they bother with another boggler, that a Biden presidency will mean "You're gonna have to learn to speak Chinese."   Say!  I'll bet that's why Ivanka told reporters her kids were learning Mandarin in 2017 -- long before Biden was running.  I wonder if they plan to change citizenship, too.

Evictions?  Boring.  Let's ask Beyonce what she thinks of Kamala Harris!

I'm watching The Death of Stalin on Netflix again.


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