Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tough guys

On March 28, 1979, there was a partial meltdown at the nuclear facility in Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania.  Radioactive iodine and other chemicals were vented into the atmosphere.  People fled.  The cleanup lasted until 1993, and while mutant frogs and other horrors were reported, the effect on humans in the form of cancer and birth defects was statistically insignificant.  To reassure the public, President Jimmy Carter toured the facility and was photographed drinking a glass of tap water to demonstrate that it was safe.  (He is 95 and was building houses until recently, so draw your own conclusions.)  Carter may be the only president who actually knew something about nuclear power, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Naval Academy and served on submarines.

Trump likes to brag that he knows all about science because of genes he inherited from his uncle, a physicist.  So for a start, he doesn't know how heredity works.  He knows that climate change is a hoax, that windmills cause cancer, and that solar power obviously won't work at night.  He may believe that coal can be rendered harmless to the atmosphere by washing it in water; it isn't really clear and nobody wants to ask.  Needless to say, he already knows more about the COVID-19 outbreak than all the so-called experts, and it's completely under control and harmless, except maybe to him.  Those traitors in the media would love to see him infected in spite of his truly amazing genes and over-all healthiness surpassing every other president including Theodore Roosevelt.  And as for courage, TR may have explored the Amazon but would he have rushed into a school to disarm a shooter?  Trump is sure he would have.

I challenge Trump to drink a glass of Corona virus.  Right now, at a hate rally in the venue of his choice.  Either drink or shut up.  Go play slap-and-tickle with Princess and let the grownups in the field of public health handle this -- not you, or vice-president Jesuslove, or Sleepy Ben, or that Big Pharma lobbyist you put in charge of HHS.   Certainly not your Surgeon General, who says you're "healthier than what I am" because he was learning science instead of grammar in high school.  It's all very well to trot out the liars, but actions speak louder.  Drink!




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