Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The story so far

If the virus doesn't get you, Chinese construction standards will:  a hotel being used to quarantine people collapsed in Quanzhou on Saturday, killing at least eighteen.  The building was less than ten years old.

Fox Business vixen Trish Regan says the Corona virus is just another attempt to impeach Trump, only at the molecular level.  And you thought he was narcissistic.

Alex Jones got arrested for driving drunk.  First they cancel SXSW, now this.  (Caution:  disturbing mug shot.)

Italy is closed.

Quinton Lewis is African American and a registered Democrat,  but it was probably just poor training for poll workers that prevented him from voting in Kansas City, Missouri, today.  This kind of thing is happening all over.  Mr. Lewis's story made news because he is the mayor.

An actual case of election fraud has been identified in --- Florida!  This woman of the Trumpite conspiracy Florida First was caught registering random people as Republicans.  I don't want to hear about Cook County cemeteries ever again.

UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries confirms she has tested positive for COVID-19 and has gone into isolation.  Not to be outdone, Governor Andrew Cuomo has activated the New York national guard to "contain" New Rochelle in Westchester County.  This involves closing "schools, houses of worship and large gathering places" for two weeks.  It sounds like the governor expects looting.

NBC is optimistically running promos for the Tokyo Olympics.

Passover begins on April 8.  Virtual seders?  "How is this night different from all other nights?"  "Grandma is on Skype.  Hi, Grandma!"

Harvey Weinstein's lawyers have asked for a minimum sentence, citing his "remarkable accomplishments."  Sure, that's why I went to see Shakespeare In Love -- the producer.  If they prevail, Phil Spector should be out by the end of the month.


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