Friday, February 21, 2020

These just in

"A drug dealer who amassed a 55 million pound fortune in the cryptocurrency bitcoin has lost the codes to access the accounts after hiding them with his fishing rod, which has now gone missing."  Irish crime is the best crime, except for Florida's.

E. Jean Carroll was fired from Elle magazine after thirty years because she accused Trump of rape.  Don't bother protesting, as the cowards who run Elle have disabled their email.

Lucky old India is getting a Trump visit Monday, and they've built a wall so he won't have to see poor people and their slums en route to Sardar Patel Cricket Stadium.  What's the Hindi for "Potemkin"?

Steve Coogan has been granted an Irish passport.  He really loves Europe.

Not your grandfather's Germany:  today the people are chanting "Nazis raus!"

But maybe your grandfather's Ohio:  die-hards want Kent State to disinvite Jane Fonda from the fiftieth-anniversary commemoration of the National Guard shootings this spring.  And here I thought the right was all about free speech on campus.

After only ninety-nine years, Oklahoma public schools will teach children about the Tulsa race massacre of 1921.  Perhaps one day the other forty-nine states will join in.

The Manhattan district attorney's office is deciding whether or not to re-open the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965.

Mike Bloomberg is having a bad week.  His debate performance was uninspiring, to say the least.  He had to defend the trumpish policy of making employees sign non-disclosure agreements, including several women who accuse him of harassment.  When his Knoxville, Tennessee, campaign office was vandalized, he was quick to blame Bernie bro's without evidence.   He snuggled up to Xi Jinping, who is "no dictator."  No photographs of Bloomberg fondling his adolescent daughter have surfaced, but otherwise he's just a shorter, richer Trump who is fluent in English.

Ordinary non-coronavirus flu has killed 105 children in the United States, a grim record.


Damn it, I like Sunset Boulevard.  I've been stewing all day about Trump singling it out, despite its lack of racism and xenophobia.  I think I have it.

Norma Desmond lives on lies.  She thinks she still gets fan letters, but they're all written by her servant/ex-husband.  She's a complete narcissist who obsessively watches herself on the screen.  She needs the love of "those wonderful people out there in the dark," but they all left years ago.  And she's not averse to paying for sex.  Not with money, but she buys clothes for Joe Gillis, she gives him jewelry and she lets him live in her house.  I believe that's Melania's deal, too.

Or maybe it was the only other movie he could think of.


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