Saturday, February 15, 2020

Talk among yourselves

Was anybody fooled by Barr's sob story about how the constant flow of tweets is keeping him from doing his job?  Like pretending pro-choice people are just as violent as forced-birthers;  finding something to indict Comey and McCabe for; trying to keep Michael Flynn out of prison; investigating the "unfair" trial of Roger Stone; investigating Robert Mueller; investigating, I don't know, Whitewater?  And of course hiring lawyers to replace the steady stream of prosecutors who have Had Enough.  Poor Bill hardly has time for bagpipe practice.

Every time I see Steve Kornacki with his sleeves rolled up gesticulating at a graphic of vote percentages, my fingers automatically change the channel.  I think it's the wide-eyed look of sheer excitement.  Look, this one's up four point one percent from yesterday morning!  Call me when it's over.  I'll vote for whoever.  I don't have to like him and I probably won't.

Semantics is everything.  Trumpanzees howl in outrage because poor, sick Paul Manafort is "in solitary."  In fact, he has a "private room," shower, laptop, phone, and an unlikely member of Congress demanding that his life be made even more comfortable.  (Hi-def TV?  Grubhub account?  Emotional support animal?)  Thinking about sticking up a liquor store?  Try money laundering and witness tampering instead.

Standing on the cusp of seventy, I find myself looking forward to the unlimited -- some would say uncanny -- wisdom that the eighth decade apparently brings.  Not only does Trump know what Nancy Pelosi is really praying for, but Germaine Greer is sure Meghan Markle is faking her orgasms.  It's awesome.  I promise to use my clairvoyance for good when the time comes.

Is anybody fooled by The Lincoln Project, a coterie of anti-Trump Republicans founded by George (Mr. Kellyanne) Conway?  They have produced a video in support of Col. Alexander Vindman.  I suggest they screen it for the League of Nations, which was meeting in Geneva the last time Lincoln's party had any serious cred.

OneUnited, described as "the largest black-owned bank in the U.S.," decided to honor Harriet Tubman and Black History Month with this debit card.  Reception has been...mixed.

When NBC News announced the death of Oscar Peterson with a video of Art Tatum, I said, well, it's a holiday, maybe an intern made a mistake.  When they identified a picture of John Lewis as the late Elijah Cummings, it was at least widely noticed.  Now the Fox affiliate in Charleston has used a mugshot of a female shoplifting suspect in a story about male Senatorial candidate Jaime Harrison.  No longer amusing.  (Why is a shoplifting arrest even on the news?   What is she accused of stealing, the Yorktown?)

The Irish election results are here in detail that would make Kornacki wet himself, but the upshot is that after a week there is still no clear winner and no agreement on a coalition government.  A do-over may be necessary.  Cheer up, Iowa Democrats, you're not the only numties.

YouTube has rules about hate speech, and will go ahead and kick you off for it.  So why can't Facebook do the same?  Why is Twitter selective about banning haters (Katie Hopkins is gone but not Trump)?  It's very puzzling.


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