Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Significant disruption

Alex Azar, HHS Secretary, and the Centers for Disease Control "are all doing a great job with respect to Coronavirus!" is the official word today.  Well, of course they are.  This is the best of times.  Investors may not agree, unless the nine-hundred-point drop in the Dow is "fake news!"  but Marco Rubio is so nervous, he has lost control of grammar:  "its not a time to panic.  But it is a time to take it serious and get it right."  To that end, Azar has requested $2.5 billion in emergency funding; Chuck Schumer thinks $8.5 billion is more realistic, in view of the massive cuts the regime has made in all areas of health care.

If the CDC doesn't stop using phrases like "significant disruption to life" and frightening poor Marco, there are going to be more purges.  Even Sen. John N. Kennedy (R-LA) is complaining that he can't get a straight answer from the acting (naturally) Secretary of Homeland Security.  Disloyalty!  Didn't he hear the Leader say that all is well?  Nothing to see here, don't forget your mask.

It must be serious if it's starting to affect sports.  The March 7 rugby match between Italy and Ireland has been cancelled, although Japan insists the Olympics will go on no matter what Dick Pound says.  (Stop giggling.)  Meanwhile, a state of emergency has been declared in San Francisco by Mayor London Breed (I told you to stop giggling); although the city has no confirmed cases among residents, three people are being treated in hospitals.  And the first cases in Brazil are confirmed.

Now would be a good time to hunker down with canned food and a copy of Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year, I suppose.  It could be a few isolated cases here like Ebola, or it could be 1918 all over again.  With the media losing its shit and Trump tweeting his, many people feel like they're watching some noisy video game.  It would be comforting to believe serious professionals are in charge, but we missed our chance.  I always knew that one day the Electoral College would kill us all.

In 1918, no one knew the exact cause of the "Spanish flu," and no one had ever seen a virus.  We are so much better off now.  We know exactly what's causing it:

It's a British/deep state plot to prevent Trump's re-election.

It's because we repealed the Chinese Exclusion Act.

It's a scheme to tank the stock market by panicking everyone about "Caronavirus."  Fake media!

It's nothing but a "common cold" being weaponized by the Chinese government to "bring down Trump,"

God is punishing China for being a "godless communist country."  We're next.

Moon/Venus conjunction.




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