Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sentence first, trial afterward

Citing "his pride in his own lies," Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Roger Stone to serve three years and four months longer than he will ever spend in the sneezer.  He went home to await her decision on granting him a new trial, and the sound of a pardon Sharpie could already be heard.  And so, justice is serviced -- like a mare at a stud farm.

Richard Grenell has made friends for America as ambassador to Germany.  Unfortunately, they are all neo-Nazi extremists.  Now he can further their cause as achtung Director of National Intelligence, which will at least limit the amount of time he spends in Berlin.  Oh yes, two jobs at once.  And really, since Trump is his own director of DNI, do we even need another?  As Brother Pierce points out, the "acting" part means Moscow Mitch won't need to hold a confirmation hearing.  Since the Senate has ignored hundreds of House bills, and Justice Ginsburg refuses to vacate her seat, maybe the question should be, do we even need a Senate?

In a related story, one of those right-wing extremists killed nine people in Hanau, Germany, last night before he went home and apparently killed his mother and himself.  In a probably unrelated incident, the muezzin of London's largest mosque was stabbed, not fatally.

George Conway has a new nickname for his wife's boss.   Are you ready?   It's King Kong.  Yes, the original sort of groped Fay Wray, but I don't think this will catch on.  Not with so many better ones to choose from, like Benedict Donald, Orange Foolius, Stable Jenius, Trumpelthinskin, Trumputin, Boss Tweet, Metamucilini, Twitler, Lord Dampnut (it's an anagram), etc.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, with Ben Carson literally asleep at the wheel, no longer concerns itself with housing or urban development.  In fact, it's not clear if it does anything. Asserting, based on nothing but his rabid hatred of Nancy Pelosi, that San Francisco is "worse than a slum" (with all those Kushner properties for purposes of comparison), Trump wants to create still more concentration camps, this time for the homeless.  Nice concentration camps, where they'll get "counselors" and hot showers, but camps.  Even Geraldo Rivera seemed stunned as his fellow Foxnick Gutfeld waxed lyrical over the separation process, no doubt overseen by...a doctor?

There's a new stable jenius in town.  Dana Rohrabacher, who's just as bright as he looks, says hell yeah, he carried Trump's pardon offer to Julian Assange in 2017.  If witness-tampering and suborning perjury are crimes in the UK, can we expect the indictment of Putin's "top congressional ally"?  Probably not, at least as long as Trump Lite (a/k/a Boris Johnson) is in charge.  He still employs the loathsome Dominic Cummings, who employs this guy, whose goal is to out-Miller Miller in racism and misogyny, with an added helping of eugenics and forced sterilization.  And wait till Trump hears about Modafinil, just as his tolerance to Adderall is making it useless.

The problem seems to be an absence of credible opposition, if this guy is really the Shadow Chancellor.  John McDonnell calls the US effort to extradite Assange "the Dreyfus case of our age."  Apart from the WikiLeaks interference in the 2016 election, the collusion with Russia and the total lack of anti-Jewish hysteria, pretty much the same thing.  If convicted, Assange will spend as much time on Devil's Island as Roger Stone will spend in prison.  Clumsy attempts to hijack history like this will not help McDonnell's Labour Party escape the taint of anti-Semitism or end the inept rule of BloJo one day sooner.

Yeah, clock cleaned.


Blogger The New York Crank said...

In other news, Stephen Miller got married this week. How can I send his new bride a condolence card?

Yours Crankily,
The New York Crank

8:27 PM  
Blogger Quacko said...

Stephen Miller -where do we send gifts for the future Rosemary's Baby they produce. Did not watch debates. Where is the candidate with a hit man to hire to take care of Pus in Charge. There must be someone out there.

9:30 AM  

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