Monday, February 24, 2020

Science and other curiosities

Two deaths are reported at two extremes of science.  Katherine Johnson was 101 and worked as a mathematician for NASA, providing calculations for orbital mechanics.  Mike Hughes was 63 and had built a rocket to "prove" that the earth is flat, which he believed he could do from 5,000 feet up.  It is unclear why he didn't build a boat and sail it off the edge, but at least he went out as a star of the Science Channel.

If Greta Thunberg makes you feel guilty about not doing enough to slow climate change, there's good news from the oil industry's Heartland Institute in the shape of Naomi Seibt.  She's a German teenager who doesn't see why everybody is so worked up about CO2 emissions.  Also has problems with feminism and immigration, about which she spoke at an Alternative fur Deutschland event.  Can her invitation to the White House be far behind?  No, it cannot.

Everything's bigger in China.  An estimated hundred million people are starting to be affected by the rising sea level along Bohai Bay.  Yankee imperialist climate hoax!

NASA reports that Mars is not just windy and cold.  It also has earthquakes.  I'm not seeing any good reasons to go there.

Conservationists in Wyoming are trying to stop the construction of 3,500 gas wells which would cut off the migration of the pronghorn antelope.  This could lead to their extinction before Junior Trump gets a chance to shoot any.  Tragically, that could be their best hope.

To end on some good news:  Teck Resources has cancelled its tar sands mine project in Alberta.  Did this petition to Justin Trudeau from Nobel laureates change their minds?


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