Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saturday review of culture

Let's get this straight:  Today is Washington's birthday.  Always was (well, since the calendar was changed), always will be.  He should not be lumped in with the line of mainly-mediocrities who followed.  I hope I will not have to explain this again.

Clint Eastwood, who once lost an argument with a chair on national television, has thrown his support behind Mike Bloomberg, while Dick Van Dyke is going all in for Bernie Sanders.  I trust this will help Democrats make up their minds.  Van Dyke must be pleased that Sanders easily won whatever it is they do in Nevada.

Trump has some new play-on music for his arena shows.  I assumed it would be Funeral March of a Marionette, reflecting Putin's control of him as well as his Hitchcock-like proportions.  But it's another Rolling Stones ripoff, "Play With Fire."  If you're out for revenge, you can do a lot worse than the Queen of the Night's second aria, but this probably isn't the crowd.

Dan Brown is publishing a picture book for children, Wild Symphony, with a recording of music by Dan Brown.  If his music is as good as his prose, this may constitute child endangerment.

Before Leavers can leave the United Kingdom they have to get their new, blue passports -- which are being manufactured in Poland.*  As Greg Evans says, the jokes write themselves.

Pop songs are sadder than they were fifty years ago.  It says so right here -- with math.

Washington, D.C., has never managed to achieve statehood, but it has its own official music, called go-go.  The name evokes women in shiny costumes and boots dancing in cages, but it probably means something else now.

No one should be surprised that the Stable Jenius has plans to "Make Federal Buildings Beautiful Again," which will involve lots of columns and gilt, maybe an occasional T.  American public architecture leaves a lot to be desired -- have you ever wondered why every state capitol sports a dome, no matter how incongruous? -- but now it's an international joke.

Have you ever considered a career describing porn to the blind?  It's a dirty, dirty job but someone has to do it.

*Yes, Poland.  Where Cadbury chocolates come from.


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