Friday, February 21, 2020

Again With the Wind!

I suppose you Hollywood liberals thought you could slip away unnoticed after selecting a foreign movie for your Best Picture award.  Not just a foreign movie but one cast exclusively with non-white  people and designed to cause class war.  The purges, slanders and threats took a while, but the Dear Leader has not forgotten your perfidy, and last night in Colorado Springs he took aim at the real enemy preventing him from Making America Great.  Sight unseen, naturally, Trump condemned Parasite and made his pitch for -- hold onto your MAGA hat -- Gone With the Wind.  As Steve Rose observes, "Cue loud applause at a movie with 100% name recognition and a narrative of white Americans losing their privilege as a result of the civil war."  

Of course, it's not just a celebration of the Lost Cause, slavery, and the loyalty of good Negroes like Mammy.  It's also the movie where a man gets drunk and rapes his wife, and she loves it.  (Unlike Ivana, apparently.)  She gets pregnant as a result because in 1939, they didn't know that a woman's body has a way of shutting down, but you know, dramatic license.  Additionally -- Trump wouldn't know this -- Hattie McDaniel became the first African American to win an Oscar, so they had to let her into the Cocoanut Grove and find her a table next to the kitchen.  Worse, she had to read a studio-concocted speech about being "a credit to my race."  That's Jim Crow show business.  Rape, racism and none of this #MeToo crap.

Oh, he also likes Sunset Boulevard.  Didn't say why.

Naturally, Trump is not only the greatest movie critic who ever lived.  His brain-spirochetes led him along many pathways, including Fox News performers who are starting to be just a bit skeptical of his wise rule, the inadequacies of Democrats, and his future plans:  "Some day in 10, 14, 18, 22 years when I'm gone, when we leave office in 26 years or so, they're going to miss us," he said of late-night comedy writers, employing the imperial "we."  And don't think he's forgotten about Time making that girl Person of the Year.  Also many polls said he "won" the 2016 debates.  It was a real change from the previous night in Phoenix, which was devoted to his 592nd attack on Hillary Clinton.  Is she running for something?  She is not.  The undercard there was appointed Senator Martha McSally, who impressed her master by getting the mob to boo an astronaut.  Keep an eye on Martha, good talent.

You know what's wrong with Washington?  Too many "experts," people who "know stuff," who aren't willing to be guided by Trump's infallible gut.  The CDC is complaining because fourteen Americans, passengers on the Diamond Princess who are infected with coronavirus, were flown home from Japan on a commercial flight full of (previously) uninfected people.  The State Department and HHS said it would be fine as long as they were separated by some plastic during the trans-Pacific flight, while everyone on board breathed the same recycled air.  You'd be surprised how long some people can hold their breath.

Trump is also angggrrrry that the House Intelligence Committee (that's Shifty Schiff's bunch) were briefed on Russian interference in this year's election -- so much that he fired his own Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, and found another acting director to act in his place when not ambassadoring in Germany.   Why do we even need intelligence?  You won't see it at any of his rallies.  "I love the poorly educated!"

Nor, apparently, in the office next to the Throne Room Oval.  Here's Groom of the Stool Mick Mulvaney complaining that there aren't enough immigrants:  "We are desperate -- desperate for more people," he told a "private gathering" in London.  Skilled only, of course, and preferably white.  Also eager to relocate to a country awash in guns and racist violence, where you can be sued for unpaid hospital bills and sent to jail if you miss a court appearance.  Speak English?  Tired of Trump Lite and want to live with the real thing?  Emigrate, emigrate!

Meanwhile, this goober, from Greece, New York (never heard of it), has been arrested for making death threats against Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff.   How was he supposed to know this is still a crime?  He even addressed the Congressman as "Shifty Schiff" so the authorities would know it was totally authorized from the top.   Come on, Sal, if you need to threaten a federal official, you gotta do it like Tucker Carlson threatened Judge Berman or else fuhgeddaboudit!  What a moran.


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