Friday, July 19, 2019

Danger to others

"The government has established danger to others and to the community by clear and convincing evidence," said Judge Richard Berman (yeah, but what's his ethnicity?), in denying bail to barely-convicted kiddie-porn aficionado Jeffrey Epstein.  Which means he gets to sit in the pokey with the other alleged miscreants.  So if Epstein has evidence about others, like his former friend the laird of Mer-a-Lago, he should probably cut a deal before he gets shanked in the lunch line.

That was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  Elsewhere, the Barr Justice Department was not so astute, deciding just as the statute of limitations expired that Daniel Pantaleo will not face federal charges in the murder of Eric Garner.  Demonstrators have promised to stay in front of the NYPD officer's house until he is indicted because NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.

Gravely ill first responders to the 9/11 attack will have to wait longer for relief.  The House approved a funding bill 402-12, but then it struck an iceberg called Rand Paul, who is unwilling to -- wait for it -- add to the national debt.  Besides, he's busy setting up a super-secret back channel to Iran to try and undo some of the damage caused by Trump.  With Trump's permission, because no courageous Libertarian would blow his nose without consulting the Stable Genius.

Marine One is the designation of the helicopter Trump stands next to so he can scream at reporters and ignore the impertinent ones; then it has to carry his fat ass to the airport.  A new Marine One was tested today and scorched the White House lawn.  It's going back to the Acme Helicopter Company for re-fitting, because something something safety security lowest bidder something.

Apparently Trump's senility is becoming more advanced, because his racist rants now have to be programmed into the Teleprompter.  This is like Mick forgetting the words to "Start Me Up."  Also, he's getting more deranged, if possible, accusing Rep. Ilhan Omar of marrying her brother.  Probably Hillary came to the reception and they ate baby parts.

And as with the Stones, the newer stuff is not always well received.  Some fans called in head roadie Mike Pence to complain that the racism of "send her back" is a little too pronounced, while Meghan McCain pouted that Trump is making it harder for her to spread the right-wing gospel.  Did you know her father was John McCain?  So Trump is denying he stuck out his chins and basked in the rage on Wednesday night -- the fake media and their fake video again -- and sort of regrets that the mob took him seriously about how Ilhan Omar hates America and Jews and Israel and is more or less an al-Qaeda calendar girl.  How could the wonderful people of North Carolina have misconstrued him so badly?  You'll never guess who bought his half-step back:

  "Donald Trump rarely admits a mistake, much less an overstatement, so we'll take the regret
   he expressed Thursday at the chant of 'send her back' as the moral equivalent of an apology.
   Let's hope his supporters get the message and that Mr. Trump stops egging them on."

Yes, Wall Street Journal, I'm sure they got the message.  We won't be hearing that again as he attacks Omar in one shit-tweet and one hate-rally after another.  All it does is rile up the base and encourage more death threats.  Doesn't every freshman Congresswoman have a security detail?  She's loving all the attention and so is her family.  Luckily, people in serious countries are listening, too, and taking it seriously.  Angela Merkel grew up in East Germany and knows the history of how her country all but destroyed itself by embracing racism and fascism, and when asked she said, "Without question I reject Trump's comments and stand in solidarity with the Congresswoman he targeted."

That's how you do it, Wall Street Journal.  No sympathy for the devil.  



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I think what is amazing is that not one person around this asshole is attempting to get him to shut the hell up -ever.

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