Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Get on the bus!

I have been away for a few days, riding the bus from town to town in order to harass and intimidate Republican lawmakers -- and you wouldn't believe how many there are! -- and collect a generous paycheck from the Organization of Liberal Haters Who Hate America.  We got a box lunch every day and half-payment for those who ran away and hid, like Marco Rubio, so we didn't have to shout at them about Putin/Flynn and the Affordable Care Act.  Between town halls we hand-lettered signs under the tutelage of Black Lives Matter officials, and sang Woody Guthrie songs.  It was awesome.  What did I miss?

That nice young Mr. Yiannopoulos has come a-crupper, as I believe they say in his homeland, and just when he was about to achieve the Limbaugh-Jones-Hannity level of punditry.  He had a book contract that Joyce Carol Oates would envy, a keynote speech at the annual nazipalooza of CPAC, and an appearance on Bill Maher's show, where the host commiserated about the awful political correctness which kept him from bringing his white-nationalist act to the campus of UC-Berkeley.  Now the contract is rescinded and the CPAC gig has been cancelled, all because of his sympathetic statements about sex with children.  Milo Hinderminder -- oh, come on, I couldn't resist -- even had to quit his day job with  So unfair.

Poor Ivanka Trump is still being punished for being her father's daughter.  First Nordstrom announced that it would no longer carry her clothing line, forcing daddy to ignore a national security briefing while he tweeted an angry rebuke.  When Nordstrom's stock price jumped by more than four percent, K-Mart, Sears, TJ Maxx and Neiman Marcus quickly followed suit.  Now her jewelry business has been hit by a lien for $5,000 in unpaid taxes (hardly a dent in the million dollars New York City spends every day to guard the Fortress of Turpitude and make life harder for other Fifth Avenue merchants).  In addition, her suppliers say she owes them two million dollars.  She's daddy's girl, all right.

She's also daddy's beard*, as he faces accusations of stoking anti-Semitism.  It seems that some Americans have been making threats against Jewish community centers and vandalizing cemeteries, which is perfectly natural behavior when you're worried about the economy and Islamic terrorism, and of course, Hillary's emails.  When a Jewish journalist at the Mad Press Conference asked what Trump was doing to stop anti-Semitism he got a disjointed response about how completely Trump was not at all prejudiced and besides he has three Jewish grandchildren and the man should sit down and shut up.  Three days later, at the Museum of African-American History, Trump read from a card something about how terrible and horrible racism is, and how he will continue to heal all the divisions created by eight terrible, horrible years of Obama.  So that's that.  Yeah, Bannon still has the office next to his.

"What is going on in Sweden?" the Leader asked, rhetorically, a spellbound mob of supporters in Florida. The answer was "Not much."  He'd heard some gibberish on Fox News about terror and violence roiling Sweden, which has admitted thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and repeated it as if it were fact, in support of the Gestapo-like roundups of the undocumented here.  The Swedes were first confused and then outraged, with one former prime minister tweeting, "What has he been smoking?"  The world is learning to ignore Trump, one nation at a time.

Attempts to give this administration a veneer of gravitas have been hilarious failures.  The Department of Education saluted W.E.B. DeBois [sic] and then apologized for the misspelling by misspelling "misspelling."  For Presidents Day the incumbent decided to honor Lincoln with a quotation from somebody else, and not even a memorable one.  More, please!

FPOTUS has been leading us in prayer.  As in "Oh my fucking god..."

*Many leading Nazis had at least one Jew they befriended and protected.  See Ron Rosenbaum's Understanding Hitler and the story of Dr. Fuchs of Linz. 




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