Saturday, March 22, 2008

End of a very brief era

Eliot Spitzer had to go. Not because he betrayed his wife -- that's between them. (She probably has a pre-nup that's longer and more involved than the NAFTA agreement.) Not because he allegedly violated the Mann Act, which hasn't been enforced since Jack Johnson was heavyweight champion. He had to go because he has terrible judgment.

Did I read that right? $5,400 for one night with one woman? Nobody can screw that good. If she looked like Michelle Pfeiffer and combined the acting skills of Meryl Streep with the athletic ability of Nadia Comenici, she still wouldn't be worth the money. Clearly, you're paying for the sizzle, not the steak, when you join the "Emperor's Club." Even if you are chief executive of the Empire State, the local Albany talent should be perfectly adequate. This is not someone you want in charge of the world's sixth-largest economy, which is what New York State represents, and I say that knowing that the vile Joseph Bruno is now a blind man's stumble away from being governor, and strongly suspecting that Spitzer was targeted by the excruciatingly politicized Cheney-Bush Justice Department. Even so.

Speaking of economics, any of you kids hear from Alan Hevesi? Or is he laughing too hard to come to the phone? Hevesi, you may recall, was the New York State comptroller who was re-elected by a generous margin in 2006 but was forced to resign because -- get this -- he used a state employee to drive his wife to the doctor. The voters knew this, mind you, but they didn't seem to care, yet the so-pure-it-floats Spitzer Administration could not countenance such lawlessness. It took the confectioner a while to get the icing just right, but I'll bet that revenge tastes sweet.

Fun fact: New York now leads the nation in governors with disabilities, having had two who survived polio, Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Lehman.


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